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E.L – Mi Naa Bo Po (Official Music Video)

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Sarkodie – Gboza (Official Video)

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Stonebwoy – Come From Far [Wogb3 J3k3] (Official Video)

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Ajeezay drops ‘problem child’ today ( 18/04/2017) a short comedy skit which depicts the life of a young guy who seems to give his boss problems every seconds of his life on earth. Trouble seems to be his middle name as he carries it wherever he goes. It reveals the everyday life of a clumsy …

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It’s a Nice Video right? Wanna Download it. Click on Download Below

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It’s a Nice Video right? Wanna Download it. Click on Download Below

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It’s a Nice Video right? Wanna Download it. Click on Download Below Follow @IamLilBygone

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DeepMusikGh champion Zerben the Spokengod has finally released an animation video to his piece ‘FreeMan’. FreeMan after it release in the early part of March attracted listeners from all walks. It talks about how we’ve been handled by our colonial masters and yet still been colonized in the mind but setting ourselves Free from Now. …

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Check out official video of ‘Rescue Me’,a single by DopeNation act ShayD. Very Inspiring. Check it out now.  

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Coffee is the single greatest consumable product. It’s responsible for the success of countless professionals. In fact, there’re at least a dozen scientific reasons why you should drink coffee every day.So be thankful for your addiction. It takes energy to not get frustrated by the negative we see in the world. To shake up your life Sometimes, a life …

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